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About Us

We are Chama Mama - Classic Georgian cuisine with a modern spin! We are excited to introduce you to our three key ingredients that help lay the foundation for Georgian cuisine and Chama Mama as a restaurant - The Tone, khachapuri, and the qvevri!


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In the heart of every Georgian kitchen is a Tone - a large clay oven. We pride ourselves on having built a custom tone for our restaurant which is what we use to bake our bread fresh daily.


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Puri is the word for bread in Georgia, which is where Khachapuri, Georgia's famous cheeseboat, gets its name from! We offer three different kinds on our menu, including two of the most famous versions - Lobiani and Adjarui. Lobiani features our signature kidney beans slow cooked with smoked  pork and Adjarui features cheese and egg.


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Georgia has traditionally produced wine in Qveri's or ancient clay pots for over 8,000 years. The Qvevri is egg-shaped, and is used for making, aging, and storing wine. Our extensive list at Chama Mama is full of natural and organic Georgian wines. We can't wait for you to taste them!