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About Us

Chama Mama, a place where the magic of gastronomy happens! Full of flavors, colors and history, classic Georgian cuisine is presented here with a modern spin. We are excited to introduce you to the three pillars – Toné, Khachapuri and Qvevri – that are vital for Georgian cuisine in general and particularly for us here at Chama Mama.


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Toné - large clay oven- is the heart of the Georgian kitchen. We pride ourselves on having built a custom Toné at Chama Mama, where Georgian flavorful bread is baked daily. Our mornings are filled with the most comforting aroma of the freshly baked bread.


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Puri is the word for bread in Georgia, which is where Khachapuri, Georgia's famous cheese filled bread, gets its name from! Every region in Georgia has its own version of Khachapuri and we are happy to serve majority of them at Chama Mama! Most famous is Adjaruli Khachapuri, featuring hot lava of cheese and an egg, you’ll have a lot of fun mixing those!


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Georgia is famous for its traditional winemaking in the huge clay vessels called Qvevri. The egg-shaped Qvevri is used for making, aging, and storing wine. Our extensive list at Chama Mama is full of natural and organic Georgian wines. We can't wait for you to taste them!